Oil Change
Changing your engine oil is perhaps the single most important engine maintenance function that delivers the most bang for the buck. Boat owners frequently push the envelope when it comes to engine fluids maintenance by not changing often enough to their ultimate chagrin. We can help! We evaluate the total number of hours on an engine, average hours per month use and very importantly: the number of start/stops or heating and cooling cycles, lots of short trips or just a few long ones? Used oil is full of all sorts of nasty chemicals that can damage your engine, particularly if left alone for several months (over the winter). Even after just a few hours of use, oil begins to build up contaminants such as dirt, unburned fuel, water and acids – diesel engines are worse still because sulphur in the fuel can find its way into the engine oil where it combines with water vapor to become sulphuric acid. Think for a moment what this will do to the parts of the engine that the oil is supposed to protect. We warm the engine, connect our suction hose to a convenient tank outlet and evacuate/measure all of the oil. Then we replace all filters before pumping in the correct amount of new oil. This is a good time to lab test the oil – (see Engine Oil Analysis). Like a fine auto shop we cover surfaces and wear clean white booties to protect your boat’s finishes. Lastly we note our findings to your log file and send you a report by email.