Engine Oil Analysis
Your engine oil not unlike the blood that runs through your body tells a story. Over time, various metals, minerals and chemicals become a part of your engine’s life blood. We therefore, recommend that you subscribe to periodic engine oil analysis. We take a measured sample while at the same time recording information about your engine such as number of total engine hours, average hours per month, average starts/stops per month etc. This together is forwarded to a lab for analysis. The results are telling. For instance – high glycol in the sample can tell us of a possible cooling system problem, chromium tells us about compression rings, low friction bearings, liners – IRON tells us about the crankshaft, valve train, cylinders, gears, and bearings. It goes on and on.

Marine lube recommends that we conduct a baseline test to establish an engine health report at the start of our service to you. This gives us a good starting point, a good yardstick to offer peace of mind and specific suggestions for further inquiry and provides a valuable diagnostic tool to your mechanic.

Please include engine oil analysis when you ‘request a quote’, (select the Request a Free Quote Button Above)